Primer gol de Zlatan Ibrahimovic en la Liga.

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  1. I like the assasin and would have loved for him to stay with Arsenal, but unuetrfnatoly things have turned out not so well. Lets face it, Arsene and the management should be blamed for all these fraustration, imagine Arsenal playing the better part of the season without top strikers and then the defence is so porous. Arsenal needs to buy rugged, matured players with experience. If not for the help of Alex Song, the just concluded season would have been a public disgrace just like how Barca thrash Arsenal. There is no top player that would not crave medals for his collections, there is a reason fabrigas wants to join Barca, and Henry would not have had the UEFA Champ. medal in his collection if he did not join Barca. This summer is a defining moment for Arsenal, if they fail to spend, then they should expect the worst!

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