In the era of advanced technology, the world of sports has also witnessed a significant transformation. Traditional television broadcasting has been gradually replaced by digital streaming platforms that offer an unparalleled viewing experience to sports enthusiasts. One such platform is Fanatiz USA, which has gained popularity among sports fans for its diverse collection of sports networks. However, for those who are subscribed to Fios, the popular TV service by Verizon, finding the channel for Fanatiz USA might be confusing. In this article, we will delve into the details of what channel Fanatiz USA is on Fios and explore the sports networks available on this platform.

Fios TV and Fanatiz USA

Fios TV, introduced in 2005, is a subscription-based TV service offered by Verizon, catering to the needs of entertainment enthusiasts. It offers a wide variety of local, regional, and international channels, including sports, news, movies, and more. Fios TV users can access channels in high-definition (HD) quality, providing an immersive viewing experience. With the rise of digital streaming platforms, Verizon has kept up with the trend and has integrated some of the popular streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max, with its Fios TV service.

Finding Fanatiz USA on Fios

The channel lineup for Fios TV varies depending on the user´s location. However, Fanatiz USA is available in almost all Fios TV packages, including the official featured, select, preferred, and ultimate HD packages. On Fios TV, Fanatiz USA is typically found on channel 598, but it may differ for some users.

1. Turn on your Fios TV and navigate to the channel guide.

2. Scroll through the channel list until you reach channel 598.

3. If the channel is not available on 598, enter the channel number in the search bar.

4. Once you find the channel, press the OK button on your Fios TV remote to tune in to Fanatiz USA.

Sports Networks on Fanatiz USA

Fanatiz USA is a streaming platform entirely dedicated to sports fans, providing access to various sports networks from around the world. The platform´s collection of sports networks is constantly growing and currently offers over 20 channels, with more added regularly. Some of the popular sports networks available on Fanatiz USA include:

2. GolTV: GolTV is a Spanish-language sports network that airs live soccer matches and related programming from various European leagues, including the Bundesliga, Serie A, and others.

3. TUDN: TUDN, formerly known as Univision Deportes, is a Spanish-language sports network airing sports content, including soccer, boxing, and other sports, primarily targeting Hispanic audiences.

4. Eleven Sports: Eleven Sports is an international sports network providing coverage of different sports, including soccer, basketball, and more, from leagues around the world.

5. Deutsche Welle: Deutsche Welle is a German-based news and sports channel that primarily broadcasts soccer matches from the German Bundesliga, La Liga, and other top European leagues.


Fanatiz USA on Fios provides an excellent opportunity for sports enthusiasts to catch up on their favorite sports content from around the world. With its extensive collection of sports networks and easy accessibility on Fios TV, it has become a popular choice for sports fans. Its affordable pricing makes it a budget-friendly streaming option for Fios TV and Fios Internet users. So, if you haven´t subscribed to Fanatiz USA on Fios, what are you waiting for? Tune in to channel 598 on Fios TV and enjoy a world of sports at your fingertips.

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